How Does Quantum Levitation Work? Must See Video: Unbelievable Yet True? Future of Transport

1. Quantum levitation or quantum locking is the ability of a superconductor to perfectly match the magnetic fields surrounding it.

2. A superconductor is a material whose electrical resistance goes to zero when it is cooled to below its critical temperature.
3. Once the zero resistance properties of superconductors kick in at ultra low temperatures, we get an effect known as quantum levitation. This phenomenon creates a magnetic locking effect between the superconductor and the magnetic field. Thus allowing the superconductor to levitate. Watch video!

4. How does QL work? The Meissner Effect: When a superconductor reaches its critical temperature all magnetic fields applied to it are excluded from the interior. In other words, the field will go around it, not through it.

5. Supercurrents: When a superconductor at its critical temperature is exposed to a magnetic field currents are induced within it. These currents then induce an opposing magnetic field. Due to the lack of any resistivity, the currents are able to perfectly mirror the magnetic field applied to the superconductor.

6. The supercurrents also adjust instantaneously with any changes in the magnetic field from things such as movement. Thus a floating piece of superconductor will stay in any position it is left in and will follow a magnetic track!

7. The Future? As a superconductor with an easily achievable critical temperature -- ideally above room temperature -- is found or if a system that could easily keep a superconductor at its critical temperature were to be invented...

8. Quantum levitating or quantum locking cars and vehicles at near, at or above room temperature would become possible on magnetic tracks!


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