What's a Unicorn? 2015's Hot Startups Raise $7bn

If you are searching for a Unicorn -- a billion dollar start-up in terms of valuation -- look no further?

Forbes has recently ranked the hottest startups in Silicon Valley by the rate at which their valuations have shot up between funding rounds over time.  Based on that metric, the top 50 hottest startups raised over $7bn this year and have a total valuation of $120bn. 

The Forbest list is headlined by a who’s who of Unicorns grabbing huge sums of cash:

1. Secretive Uptake Technologies (#1) ranks first over all, coming out of nowhere to raise $45 million at a valuation of $1.1 billion.

2. Ride-hailing juggernaut Uber (#16) is raising $2.1 billion to add to the $1 billion it raised in July;

3. Workplace communication tool Slack (#2) raised $160 million; 

4. Shared workplace landlord WeWork (#31) raised $433 million; and

5. Cybersecurity startup Tanium (#21) raised $120 million.


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