Why Diamonds Open Magic Door To Holy-Grail Of Quantum Tech 2.0?

If portability, miniaturisation, wearability and functioning at room temperature are key to the commercialisation and proliferation of new quantum technologies, there can be no doubt that diamonds have a sparkling future!

Diamonds are already experimentally proven around the world as an extremely promising quantum material by some of the leading centres of excellence for quantum technologies in Europe, North America and Asia. Strange "Quantum Entanglement" phenomena usually seen only in very small things such as atoms have been induced and observed in diamonds big enough to adorn jewellery, watches and clocks. "Quantum Entanglement" connects two objects so that no matter how far away they are from one another, each object is affected by what happens to the other immediately, and this precise phenomenon has been observed in diamonds visible with the naked eye. As a result of the experiments, long-lived quantum states of atoms trapped in diamond (N-V centres) have been proposed around the world for use in clocking, sensors and information processing devices.Quantum Innovation Labs (QiLabs.net) has recently announced its first main initiative as Quantum Diamond Spintronic International Watches and Clocks (IWC).

The demonstration of millimetre thick diamond quantum entangled with another diamond of a similar size is important because scientists and engineers around the world have been working hard to exploit quantum phenomena such as entanglement for use in new technologies such as quantum clocking, sensing and computing. In the near future, quantum tech 2.0 devices are expected to be able to store exponentially more information and process certain algorithmic information exponentially faster than conventional computers alongside the delivery of highly accurate watches and clocks as well as temperature, gravity and magnetic field sensors.

Have you seen the size of the so called quantum computing platforms available at present? Do you know that they can't function without achieving temperatures close to absolute zero, ie, -272.x degrees Centigrade? The challenge is that many approaches to building quantum computing-technologies being tested right now, require unusual materials and conditions, such as super cold temperatures. What sets the successful new quantum diamond experiments apart is that they have taken place at room temperature in a solid-state material which lends itself to portability and miniaturisation. Those conditions are the "holy grail" for building practical quantum devices that are compact, robust and don't need special environmental controls.

At Quantum Innovation Labs we believe that the first practical application for Quantum Diamond technology is going to be the development of highly accurate and sophisticated quantum watches and clocks that are going to become instantaneous collectors' items and give complicated mechanical movements a run for their money. Imagine a transparent watch or clock with diamonds, keeping accurate time and also sensing the temperature, magnetic fields and gravity highly accurately. Imagine the uses of that with total portability, wearability and ambient room temperature operations. How practical, elegant and beautiful is that?

Welcome to 21st century sophisticated time keeping, sensing and refinement. Diamonds are forever!


Source: http://QiLabs.net