5 Key Quantum Tech 2.0 Questions << Quantum Innovation Labs >>

As billions are invested by technology giants, global industrials and G20 governments to innovate and to invent in the Quantum Technology 2.0 space with new announcements coming three-at-a-stroke like London buses in 2015:

1. How do we prioritise the commercialisation of critical Quantum Technology 2.0 components, networks and entire systems both nationally and internationally?

2. Which financial, technological, scientific, industrial and infrastructure partners are the ideal co-creators to invent, to innovate and to deploy Quantum Clocks, Quantum Sensors, Quantum Nano Diamonds, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), QBit Mathematics, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Software and Simulation, Quantum Communications, Quantum Energy Devices and Quantum Computing solutions on a medium to large scale around the world?

3. What is the process to prioritise investment, marketing and sales in Quantum Technologies to create the billion dollar “killer apps” today via incubation, catalysis and technology acceleration so that they become the demonstration centre-pieces of the Quantum Tech 2.0 live theatre unfolding before our eyes with every passing day?

4. How do the government agencies funding Quantum Tech 2.0 Research and Development (R&D) in hundreds of millions each see further light so that funding can be directed to specific commercial goals with specific commercial end users in mind that become the key milestones for the step by step Quantum Tech 2.0 revolution to be unleashed globally within the coming few years?

5. How to create an International Quantum Tech 2.0 Super Exchange that brings together all the centres of excellence in USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Brazil, Russia, Italy, India, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore etc as well as all the relevant financiers, customers and partners together in harmonious concert to advance the goal of Quantum Science 2.0 whilst identifying commercial partners for the right suitors to create Quantum “Killer Apps”?

If these are the mission critical questions you think about daily and ponder in the middle of the night, if this is what you are hoping to get answers to here and now, then look no further! Quantum Innovation Labs (QiLabs.net), and the International Quantum: Exchange for Innovation (IQ:EI) within it, seek to achieve just that and we are working day and night with our own substantial capital base and that of major financial institutions, Swiss-bank-based investors, business angels and tech entrepreneurs to achieve this goal!

We are keen to listen and to learn as we establish the Independent Scientific Board (ISF) that seeks to hallmark the Quantum Tech 2.0 targets and to distinguish the Quantum Elixir from snake oil. We are also going to be announcing an annual set of prizes to encourage the commercialisation of Quantum Tech 2.0. Any ideas for nominations?

Three action points for you:

1. Please forward this communiqué to relevant colleagues;

2. Please let us know if you would like the Quantum Innovation Labs (QiLabs.net) executive summary document;

3. Feel free to contribute to the incubation, catalysis and acceleration of Quantum Tech 2.0 by requesting membership of and inviting interested colleagues to joiniQ:Ei Club or iQEi.QiLabs.net


Source: QiLabs.net